F&B software management and POS in Qatar

Cuisine Plus

Full insights on every numbers, staff and shifts managements (fingerprint and face recognition support as well), advanced promotions and marketing features fully automatic for the staff, fraud reductions, stock managements. Support all platforms. It works on the cloud and offline, real-time view from anywhere on one or many businesses. Restaurant point of sale system features

Cuisine Plus is a powerful yet very user-friendly F&B software management and POS.

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Floor Plan & Table Management

Improve operations and increase sales with a full table management system: construct your floor plan and manage your service sections, tables, seating places, and table servers.

Order At The Table

Expedite orders to increase profits by taking them on the go, with a mobile POS solution. Use your own iPad, to take customer orders anywhere on the floor.

Self-Serve Kiosks

Dramatically decrease wait times, cut costs, and increase revenue with a self-service kiosk, from which your customers will be able to quickly checkout items on their own.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Have clear insight into your current stock with clarity and transparency. Track inventory down to the ingredient level, so you always know when to replenish.

Tips & Gratuity

Keep track of how much each of your employees receives in tips, ensuring they are shared fair and evenly among your staff. Choose between tips on screen, terminal, or the receipt.

Directional Kitchen Printing

Increase organization and speed of kitchen orders by specifying which items to print to each of your kitchen printers (eg: pizza printer, grill printer, bar printer).


Have faster lines by quickly accepting cash, credit and debit card payments.


Increase customer retention and satisfaction by maintaining customer profiles and contact info, for customized service. Enroll customers in a loyalty program to keep them coming back.


Improve payroll and employee accountability by keeping track of tips, daily time clocks and employee actions. Assign employee permissions to increase security.


Make better business decisions by gaining crucial insight and visibility into your sales data, inventory and customer info, as well as your staff activities and transactions.


Increase sales and generate repeat business by setting up custom loyalty rules with the Loyalty Program add-on, so your customers will be able to earn points and redeem rewards.

Online Ordering

Grow your restaurant business and provide a more pleasant user experience by having customers order food online, with the Online Ordering System add-on. Online orders will sync with the on-site POS.

Digital Signage

Stand out from competition and provide a faster sales process by digitally displaying your menu, customer messages, and marketing info on a large screen, with the digital signage add-on.

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