Spa Management software in Qatar
Spa Management software in Qatar

Smart Salon

We are the complete salon management and online booking solution for hair & beauty salons, barbers, clinics and spas.

We know your clients are the most important thing to you, so we’ve designed Salon Soft with a multitude of features to perfect their in-salon experience and make a visit to your salon the highlight of their day!

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Appointment Scheduling

Easily manage appointments and resources

Point of Sale

Complete transactions more efficiently and accurately. Create tickets directly from the appointment book and automatically update client history and product inventory.

Employee Management

  • Save time and eliminate the stress
  • Track sales and performance. Develop your employees for greater morale and retention.
  • Restrict data access with passwords and administrative controls
  • Set up and maintain flexible, rotating work schedules
  • Specify service eligibility for each employee
  • Set specific prices and service times for each staff member

Inventory Control

  • Track your inventory and sell more products
  • Easily track and order retail and professional products. Increase profit by selling more products.
  • Analyze inventory levels automatically and order all required products in seconds
  • Always know which of your products actually sell and which ones don’t
  • Track partial use of an item (e.g. ¼ tube of color)


Unlimited customized distinct reports and graphs. Grow your business by identifying trends, strengths, and areas of improvement.

  • Sales & Appointments
  • Clients & Employees
  • Inventory & Services
  • AStatistical, Payroll & Management


Run payroll instantly and without any effort. Save time and take away the stress.

  • Track employee hours with a built-in time clock
  • Works for all payroll types: hourly, salary & commission-based
  • More accurate than using payroll tables
  • Finally automated WPS file
  • Save your money instead of paying your accountant or payroll service

Client Management

Develop long-lasting relationships with your clients

Email Marketing

Build your brand and keep clients engaged

Spa Management software in Qatar

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